Titanium Threaded Bar
Titanium Threaded Bar
Titanium Threaded Bar

Titanium Threaded Bar

  •   Grade: Gr5&Gr2&Gr8
  •   Material: titanium and titanium alloy
  •   Ti Content (%): 99.6%
  •   Shape: Round
  •   Color: Titanium Original Color
  •   Standard: ASTM B348/ASTM F136
  •   Size: M2.5 to M16

    Titanium Threaded Rods are unique compared to other types of threaded rod. This is due to its high strength and corrosion resistance, but lightweight form. Titanium Threaded Rods have the highest strength-to-weight ratio contrasted to other metal rods, with Titanium Grade 5 being four times stronger than 316 Stainless Steel, but with half the weight.Fully resistant to chlorine dioxide, chlorides, hypochlorites and more, they are often found in the pulp and paper industry due to their use of chlorine.

    Lasting Titanium supply M4 to M16 as standard, other sizes are available upon request.

    Specifications ASTM F468, F467, B564D
    Dimensions DIN, ASTM, GB, IS, BS
    Length 1/2 inch to 12 inch, 1000 milimeter to 3000 milimeter
    Diameter 6 milimeter to 30 milimeter 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch
    Thread BSW, UNC, MM, UNF


    Threaded rod, Fully Threaded Rod, Partially Threaded Rod, Tap End Threaded Rod, Double End ThreadedRod, Fine Pitch Threaded Rod, Metric Threaded Rod, all-thread Rod, Heavy Threaded Rod, Acme Threaded Rod, Trapezoidal Threaded Rod, Coil Rod, Threaded Bar etc.

    Features and Applications of Titanium Threaded Bar

    Features: low density, high strength, corrosive resistance, acid and alkali resistance, thermal resistance, rustless, no magnetic, fatigue resistance.

    Application: Titanium Threaded Bar is widely used in the field of traffic tool manufacturing industry and large machine manufacturing industry, chemical industry,etc.

    Titanium Threaded Bar supplier

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    Titanium Threaded Bar Customized

    Non-standard and special size is available according to your drawing or requirement, for customization and tailor-made requirement, please contact us. W stock and fabricate titanium metric nuts size M4,M6,M8,M10,M12 ,M24 and inch titanium hexagon nuts 3/8” ,5/8” and 1/4” self-locking titanium nuts, titanium motorcycle nuts, titanium square nuts for special projects.


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