Titanium Spiral Pipe
Titanium Spiral Pipe

Titanium Spiral Pipe

  • Material: GR1 GR2
  • Outer Diameter: 4-168mm
  • Length: MAX18000mm
  • Standard: ASTM B337 ASTM B338 B861 B862
  • Technique: Seamless
  • Wall Thickness: 0.5—10mm

    Titanium heating/cooling coil (titanium spiral pipe)

    Titanium Heating Coil and Titanium Cooling Coil are made out of titanium pipes or tubes with dia 8mm – 65mm as per ASTM B 337/338, Gr.1 or Gr2, applied to chemical, electroplating and metal finishing industries to heat or cool the chemical bath.

    Material GR1 GR2
    Outer Diameter 4-168mm
    Length MAX18000mm
    Standard ASTM B337 ASTM B338 B861 B862
    Technique Seamless
    Wall Thickness 0.5—10mm
    nside Diameter 0.5—100mm
    Surface polished
    Processing seamless and weld
    Technique cold rolling
    Dimension as customer available

    Features of Titanium Spiral Tube

    • High heat transfer efficiency

    In the same diameter, wall thickness and the length of the titanium corrugated tube. The thermal efficiency is 1.3-2.6 times to the titanium straight tube.

    • Strong corrosion resistance

    The heat transfer tube-Gr1 titanium corrugated tube, made according to standard GB/T3625-1995, There are 4 times 43 bar high pressure test and precise halogen leaking test in the Production. And 100000times 4.5bar fatigue test to make sure no leakage.

    • Descaling ability

    4/6 head titanium corrugated tube is without welds. It can greatly reduce the leakage. It also can be turbulent flowing, which reduce the rate of scale formation. So as to prolong service life, reduce maintenance costs.

    Chemical Composition of titanium coil spiral tube

    Mechanical Properties of titanium coil spiral tube

    Application of Titanium Spiral Tube

    Titanium Spiral Tube is widely used for mariculture, seawater heat transfer, saline heat transfer, chemical industry, food Industry, Metallurgy, refrigeration, light industry, plating industry, aluminum oxidation tank, salt manufacturing , paper making, ultrasonic, electrommunication and central heating ect.

    Usage of Titanium Spiral Tube

    Water tank,boiler,heat exchanger unit,absorption type refrigerator, turbo refrigerator and screw refrigerators; distillation facility with multiple effects etc.

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