Titanium Ring
Titanium Ring
Titanium Ring
Titanium Ring

Titanium Ring

  • Dimension: OD(Max 6000mm)×ID(Max 5900mm)×L(max length 1000mm)
  • Titanium Grade: Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr11, Gr12, Gr23
  • Standard: ASTM B381, ASME SB381, AMS, MIL, DIN, BS, JIS, GB/T, ISO, etc.
  • Specification: Customized as request
  • Process: Forged, Rolling, Grinding

    Titanium forged ring also be called titanium cyclinders,it is made by forging. Titanium ring has thick wall thickness, height is less than it’s diameter.  Titanium forged rings can be used in petro, deep sea, or chemical pressure euqipments.

    Titanium Alloy Forged Rings Types  including titanium seamless rolled rings, forged rings, and casted rings.

    The process for seamless rolled forged rings involves cutting a hole out of the forging material and rolling it into a thin ring. The rolled forged rings offer concentrically improved rings with smooth surfaces as compared to plate burn-outs, or butt welded rings.

    Dimension OD(Max 6000mm)×ID(Max 5900mm)×L(max length 1000mm)
    Grade Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr11, Gr12, Gr23
    Standard ASTM B381, ASME SB381, AMS, MIL, DIN, BS, JIS, GB/T, ISO, etc.
    Specification Customized as request
    Process Forged, Rolling, Grinding

    Application of Titanium Alloy Forged Rings

    Titanium Alloy Forged Rings widely used in oil drill pipe, oil exploration, oil drilling platform, vacuum coating pipe, mining equipment, coal chemical equipment, gas drilling equipment, such as high pressure resistance, wear resistance, corrosion resistance. etc.

    Titanium Alloy Forged Rings Processing

    Titanium Forged Ring’s technique is heating billet and repeated upsetting and chamfering processing, and then die out of the center hole in the titanium Forged blank using tool expand the central hole then processing,finally semi-finished Titanium Forged Rings are ready to inspecting, packaging and shipping.

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