Titanium Coil
Titanium Coil

Titanium Coil

  •   Titanium Type: Commercially Pure(CP) / Titanium alloy
  •   Grade: Gr1 Gr2 Gr3 Gr4 Gr5 Gr6 Gr7 Gr9 Gr11 Gr12 Gr23 Ti15333 BT1-00 BT1-0 BT1-2
  •   Thickness: 0.025-75mm
  •   Length: Cut according to the request
  •   Technique: Hot rolled or cold rolled

    Titanium coil is a high-end material for making high-precision equipment. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and high pressure, and can be used in petrochemical, new energy, shipbuilding and marine engineering industries.

    Titanium Coil is either by hot or cold rolled and produced in conformance with leading international standards including DIN, JISC, AMS, GB and ASTM.

    Hot-Rolled Titanium coil is produced through the rolling and annealing of semi-finished titanium plates and then wound into a roll.

    Cold-rolled Titanium coil is the further processing of hot-rolled sheets by picking and washing in acid. The sheet is then pressed and rolled into a coil.

    Standard ASTM B265 / ASME SB265/ AMS 4911 /ASTM F67 / ASTM F136/ISO 5832-2 / ISO 5832-3
    Titanium Type Commercially Pure(CP) / Titanium alloy
    Grade Gr1 Gr2 Gr3 Gr4 Gr5 Gr6 Gr7 Gr9 Gr11 Gr12 Gr23 Ti15333 BT1-00 BT1-0 BT1-2
    Thickness 0.025-75mm
    Length Cut according to the request
    Technique Hot rolled or cold rolled
    Surface Acid surface or polishing, sand blasted surface

    Chemical requirements

    Tensile requirements

    Titanium Coil Applications

    With its excellent strength to weight ratio, titanium provides outstanding corrosion protection in highly oxidizing environments in the aerospace, chemical processing and medical industries. Commonly used for industrial applications and the construction of titanium process equipment, titanium coil can be cut to non-standard sizes, lessening the amount of welding required for certain projects. It’s often used to create:

    • Tray liners and baskets for chemical processing
    • Heat exchangers
    • Medical equipment
    • Storage and process tanks
    • Fabrication

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