Titanium Ball
Titanium Ball

Titanium Ball

  • Product: Hollow Titanium Balls
  • Material: Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 5
  • Diameter: 1mm to 200mm and hollow inside.
  • Finish Quality: Mirro Polished or Anodized colors
  • Features: Low weight,Rustless,Biocompatibility,etc.

    Hollow Titanium Balls and Titanium Alloy Beads Balls have excellent corrosion resistance and can only be corroded by hydrofluoric acid and a medium concentration of strong alkali solution. In particular, the Titanium Ball is very stable to seawater. Putting the Hollow Titanium Balls and Titanium Alloy Beads Balls in the seawater for several years, after taking it out, they are still bright as before, far better than the stainless steel balls.

    Product Hollow Titanium Balls
    Material  Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 5
    Diameter 1mm to 200mm and hollow inside.
    Finish Quality Mirro Polished or Anodized colors
    Features Low weight,Rustless,Biocompatibility,etc.

    Application of Titanium Balls

    Titanium balls are light weight (approximately 60% of the density of steel) that are nonmagnetic and offer good heat transfer properties. Titanium balls are an excellent choice for a variety of medical applications due to its general biological compatibility. The combination of high strength, stiffness, good toughness and low density make titanium an excellent choice for many aerospace applications. The excellent corrosion resistance and biocompatibility coupled with good strengths make it very useful in chemical and petrochemical applications, marine environments and jewelry.

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