Titanium Powder MANUFACTURER

Titanium powders are highly sought-after for their lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant properties, making them ideal for use in demanding industries. Our Titanium Powders are produced using a proprietary hydride / de-hydride (HDH) process, which offers a wide range of particle size distribution options. This production process is both sustainable and scalable, making it a cost-effective alternative to other Titanium powder production technologies.

Lasting Titanium has been a leading supplier of Titanium Powder since 1990. Our Titanium Powder Annual Export Volume is 600-1000 tons. The annual export volume of titanium powder has accounted for more than 90% of China’s titanium powder export volume for 25 years. Lasting Titanium has been a leading supplier of Titanium Powder in a wide range of sizes grades and specifications.



Titanium is easily alloyed with other metals such as iron, aluminum, and molybdenum. As such, industries get hold of excellent titanium alloy round bar stock and use it along with other metals to produce lightweight and strong alloys for various applications, the most prominent of which is the creation of military equipment.

Other industries that may also require titanium rod stock include:

  • Medical industry for the manufacture of prostheses and instruments
  • Agri-food production
  • Aerospace engines
  • Automotive engines
  • Oil and gas exploration

If you are a company belonging to industries that need excellent titanium alloy round bar stock, Lasting Titanium, a reputable titanium alloy round bar supplier and precision grinding service provider in XI'AN, SHAANXI, CHINA, can provide you with the highest quality product.

In addition, we offer more than just the high-quality round bar or grounded bar stock.

With the cooperation of our hardworking team, we also offer excellent precision grinding services to provide companies with grounded bar stock with the highest tolerances required for their various industrial applications.

We also offer other service options to meet your exact material requirements in the manufacture of parts and components.



Contact us if your are thinking of purchasing high quality ingredients, develop new products, or just solving a manufacturing challenge in your raw materials.


Regardless of the type of titanium product you need, our extensive experience allows us
to manufacture it.