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Chemical composition analysis & Physical Properties Testing of our finished products are supported by Quality Inspection Center of Northwestern Institute and BAOTI research center; we have set up a hi-tech “Product Quality Testing Center” with the strictest inspection system on material and semifinished products inspecting to ensure that the quality of the products meets the customer&apos’s specifications.

2000T Oil-Hydraulic Press

1. It is inaugurated by domestic private titanium-processing enterprise. 

2. The maximum pressure is 20MN and the frequency of forging is 1 time/sec. The maximum ability of heading is 14T while that of lengthening is 36T.

3, It achieves the goal of making custom-tailored forging under control of a mechanized program which using modern driving control technique of the mechanical, hydraulic and electric technique etc.

Resistance & Natural Gas Heating Furnace

•1. All types of furnaces are equipped, which could meet different kinds of metallic material heat treatment.

•2. Servomechanism equipped furnaces could easily accomplishes complicated programming of heating process.

•3.The furnace has superior performance in heat insulation, and the its  temperature homogeneity attains ±5℃

10T Oil Manipulator

1. The maximum carrying capacity is 10T, the maximum griping strength is 25T/M;

•2. It has brought in the production technologies of Germany, which can achieve online auto control. Also, it has stable operation and flexible movement. The tong head rotary control precision is ±1°The control precision of walking distance is 10mm.


3T Self-Consumable Vacuum ARC Furnace

1.It is inaugurated by domestic private titanium-processing enterprise.

2.It absorbs the advanced technologies and experience of the similar equipment in Russia and Germany and adopts kinds of hi-tech system such as Siemens Computer Controlling Systems in Germany, high-precision electronic weighting system, Hitachi Alternating servomotor in Japan, long-distance camera & observation system and the memory & print system of important parameters.

3.It can operate automatically and efficiently during the short period of smelting. 

4.With the characteristic of high finished product proportion and stable components, the ingots can meet the needs of various industries such as aerospace and military industries. 

3500T Electrode Oil Press

•1.It’s the auxiliary equipment of the 3T self-consumable vacuum ARC furnace

•2. It works smoothly, switches accurately and quickly, could finish various kinds of electrodes pressing requirement.

1.Titanium bar measurement

2.Titanium ingot equipment

3.Titanium powder equipment

4.Titanium ring equipment

5.Titanium slabs equipment

6.Titanium wire production

7.Electrode producing 

8.Hardness tester

9.Heating Furnace

10.Metallic material testing machine